Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Syed Hamid Please... Shut Up!!!

Syed Hamid Please... Shut Up!!!
Author: K a l a I

•Wednesday, February 01, 2009
How many times you need people to tell you that what you spitting out from your mouth is nothing but brainless and useless loads of shits that even the flies won't go near them! You seriously have to go do a MRI to scan your brain. Owh, sorry. They work for those with brains not with bullshits!

If anyone deserves to be out of the politics, heck even out of Malaysia, I think it is this fellar. Forget Samy Vellu, forget Pak Lah and Najib. I still can digest them but not this bollock! He can actually issue such an insensitive nonsense that we should not regard criminals as heroes.

Hello horse shit, no matter how many times you swear by your testicles that you never insinuated the late Kugan, we know that you were thinking of him when speaking out your shit. Lookie here, he was suspected. I repeat SUSPECTED. By the time he can be interrogated and charged/acquitted accordingly in court the of law, your courageous blue boys whacked him to death!

You know what my mom said when she looked at the pictures? She said whoever did this will never live a good life and will get what they deserve!

I hope what she said comes true, Not from the BN government though! God is there always!! Rest In Peace, Kugan.

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  1. Thank u so much for this ! Syed Hamid is an idiot!!!