Friday, 13 March 2009

typical maLAysian conversation ;)

Shafiq : Eh Yin Shen, I damn bored la. Wan ah after school we go lepak at Times Square ?
Yin Shen : Hmm...good idea la. Maybe we can see movie. What you say Kumar ?
Rajesh : Ya ya...superb idea wei. I want to see the new movie, Bedtime Stories. Adam Sandler damn funny la.
Yin Shen : Kk. Ok with you ah Shafiq ?
Shafiq : No problem. Now just wait la for school finish.

After school...

Yin Shen : Fuiyoh, damn boring la class just now. The teacher talking I sleeping oli at the back.
Rajesh : Ya la...nevermind, toture over ridy. Now can go see movie..hehe.
Shafiq : Have lunch first la..I damn hungry la.
Rajesh : wan Ramly Burger, go McD or what ?
Yin Shen : Eh come la we go McD. Long time ridy never go.
Shafiq : Kk...come la lets go.

After lunch at McD...

After movie...

Shafiq : Fuiyoh..damn nice la the movie.
Yin Shen : Hmm, ok la I guess. Nothing great la. I expected Adam Sandler to be funnier. I like his hamsap style of jokes la. This movie he like so good oli.
Rajesh : Of course la..Disney movie maa..rated U sumore. Sure if got nice part aso confirm they cut and censor one. See the title aso, Bedtime Stories...Not You Don't Mess with Zohan la.
Yin Shen : Hehe..good point.
Shafiq : Aiyo Yin Shen, always thinking bout that oli. Wat la you...mother never teach ah ?
Yin Shen : Eh, biasa la.
Rajesh : K la...better go home now. Got so much homework today. Tomorrow must pass up sumore. I chow first la.
Shafiq : Ok la...I aso chow then.
Yin Shen : Ya...ok...bye guys..See you tommorow.
Rajesh: Bye Shafiq, bye Yin Shen.
Shafiq : Bye Kumar...bye Yin Shen.

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  1. i like this part lor! very funny ( Sure if got nice part aso confirm they cut and censor one... he he)