Sunday, 8 March 2009

We Are Better Than Other Countries

I don’t want to always focus on socio-political issues. And even if I do, I just do it my way. With sarcasm and bullshit. Too bad for me, that Malaysian political figures have more bullshit than the cows that graze near my grandma’s house.

Dr. M said that Malaysia was fortunate in that respect compared with countries like Rwanda and Burundi where there were mass tribal killings. Yeah, we’re better than Rwanda and Burundi. Why do these guys keep comparing our country to countries that are not of the same stature? This isn’t even anywhere near plausible.

Remember Zam Zam Alakazam? I even forgot his fuckin’ name lah. Remember that famous “We Are Not Burma” rant? Yeah, go ahead and compare yourself to a country that’s been rife with civil war for God knows how long. And he was smart enough to include comparisons of the same country but with two different names. Burma and Myanmar. Bloody un-Informed Minister.

Someone used to say, at least our football was better than Singapore’s. That was many years ago. Now we got beat by Singapore. And thrashed by the UAE. With the ex-national coach saying that M-League isn’t football. What are we gonna do next? Compare Malaysia (rank 158) with Somalia (rank 178)? Interestingly, Rwanda (rank 86) and Burundi (rank 134) are standing higher than us.

What about broadband? Fuhgetdaboutit. One thing’s for sure. We are damn well better than Papua New Guinea. I think laa. I just made that conclusion based on the knowledge that there are more monkeys in Papua than humans, and monkeys don’t use the Internet.

All this stupid remarks are akin to comparing your penis to a rat’s penis. It just ain’t right. It’s plain dumb.

You guys have any other examples to add, on how we are better than certain countries? Share them laa with me and the other readers. You should know that will make you better than Syed Hamid Albar. Honestly!

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