Friday, 20 March 2009

Sometimes.. (0)

sometimes it hurts when someone comes up to you..they say they pity you..they offer you a helping hand..only to let go of your hand..when you are about to come up from despair..sometimes it's painful..when you trust every word they say..and it turns out they said it out of sympathy..when sympathy is given to souls who have no homes to go to..sometimes all that is thought to be forever..ends up with an abrupt end..with no explanations given whatsoever..and all you are left with is just a broken heart..sometimes when all you have left is pieces of's best to be all alone, separated from the world..tending to your wounds, hoping for the sun to shine again..when all you know is it's going to be raining way longer..maybe sometime later, you will understand the reasons..maybe someday you would be brought to see the real picture..perhaps someday you will realise what is true..and that day, i hope the heart that beats for you..will still keep on beating..for that is the only thing i know of..that reminds me of forever..

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