Monday, 12 October 2009

I was like, Britney Spears doing magic?

Every time I watch magicians perform all kinds of tricks, it really does make me wonder how on earth they managed to pull everything together, so real yet unbelievable!

Just like how they put Britney Spears into a human box during her Circus Tour 2009 performance, had two blades cutting through her and separated her into three boxes.

I was like, Britney Spears doing magic?

Are you kidding me? She can’t even sing (okay, like she cares if people think she can’t)!

Until someone posted the link to this video to expose the magic trick:

Wah seh, cool leh! It’s so damn easy even a child could do it. My brother Rajiv also can perform lah!

If you think that video beh syiok, wait till you see this one:

I love how one of the magicians said, “This is for you, Criss Angel!” Yeah Criss, your magic tricks are so 2000 and late!

Illusions are indeed the coolest thing on earth now! More magic tricks revealed:

Cool not? Eh, must kam sia me for providing the videos leh. I bet you have never seen them before!

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