Saturday, 5 November 2011

6 features of Facebook that may screw you

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. I have been hearing about this term quite a lot lately and yes, even I myself agree that most of us had been hooked up to it almost daily. From intriguing status updates, sexy uploaded-photos and link shares, we just cant stop stalking them, liking them and even commenting on them.
Lately, there has been many changes done on Facebook by the Facebook team but unfortunately, most of the changes happens to be a major disaster. They recently forced all the groups to so-called ‘upgrade’ but in the end, many of the basic functions of the initial Facebook group had been abandoned, leaving the group to be somewhat like a ‘page’. And, for the Facebook ‘page’, fortunately it is still a page. Since people can now ‘like’ a comment on a status update as well, I won’t be surprised if sooner or later, people can also like another ‘like’ and commenting on that particular ‘like’. This is how deep Facebook is going and driving us crazy at times when it comes to managing the sudden features and changes.
Since Facebook is quite famous in introducing features out of the blue moon and exposing your privacy without you knowing about it, thus this post will focus on those mythical features and how they may screw yourself. See below.

Making a phone call is one thing but making a phone call and having that unsolicited notification being publicised in Facebook is another thing, let alone when you ‘accidentally’ made a phone call from a red light area to a friend of yours. The following day, pervert will be your second name.

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