Sunday, 22 August 2010


in my life, i have everything. and it is more than enough.
i have..
- healthy family
- lovely and caring friends
- My friends who sayang me so much
- I love My work ( Working in CitiBank)
- Complete and perfect hands and legs *so that i can walk, eat, DANCE!*

- A camera (its not the best, but at least i have one. )
- An Expensive Phone ( Sony Ericsson Satio)
- Car license and My Own Car
- Enough foods and Good Salary
- a piano. *can always play for sister to make her sing along with me*
- a big house and comfortable bed.
- flowers and grass outside my house, i love Gardening as well

most importantly, i have met God in my life, and i believe that He is a living God! :DD
being thankful for everything i have! :)

tell me, is anything lacking in my life?
ask yourself, are you lacking of anything in your life?
or you just need something to fill your empty and lonely heart?
is everyone scare to be alone?
try to fit in with our friends? arent we?

everyone isnt perfect.
even life isnt fair.
some are so rich, till they can buy whatever they want and be do not need to care about anybody else.
some are so poor, till the father and to work 2-3 jobs, mother have to work for others to lighten the husband's burden.

but life going on, each one of us have our race.
different race.
different challenges.
different ups and downs to go through.

however, stay strong and gonna stay till the end! ♥
i believe, we can all make it!

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