Saturday, 14 August 2010

I'm back after a year long...

ello people! *waves* Well, yesterday marked the first day of the new beginning in blogging. I know it's fast, it sucks as well.Monday to friday, turned out to be quite chilling. First of all, i love the abundance of parking space. Secondly, yesterday's weather was beyond awesome. Thirdly, thankfully my baby Lamie didnt transfered to other Dept.Citibank L.C, hope he will still remain in Citibank L.G, so we sat together and went to lunch together( suppose to-but heavy rain spoilt everything)Chicken rice, Double plate with boneless chicken and Chinese Tea.. P1 ain't that bad, it's just mundane.

I am so free right now,for next few hours, and i am trying to get internships. TRYING. zz. Anyways, after all those kayaking and walking, i had muscle sore. Two days after i got back from Cameron Highland,Then this one old uncle came and joined us, my collegues husband and spoilt everyones mood, we wants to go there to enjoy, and in da middle OLD man..haizzzzz...goooshhhhhh!!!!!
So as a result, my shoulders and arms are still tight now, walking at the BOH tea area,the next day, i went for a jog wif my collegues, guess what time was it....# a.m and its freaking cold, went the with sleeveless shirt OMG..then we back, cant sleep, and we dance...we went with 8 people there, me and a chinese guy named Chuah, and 6 Girls.Really had a great time together

We lepak to the mAX, it has been a really long time since i had any traces of enjoyment in my blood *saint* haha. . W.t.h. Anyways, I was supporting Argentina, so basically i was freaking upset and was cursing the whole way. T_T sorry lar! They were totally raped la. The germans were on fire! Oh well My collegues laughed at me T_____T revenge weh! haha :)

Going to Pangkor for the next Trip, and i really can't wait, it'll be my first time going there, without my parents and wif office collegues. i was so excited! Now, i just really can't wait !i'll be super broke, ahahahaha...:)Plan to do extra hours..

OK then, gotta go , time to get on bed edy. Oh yea, i re-read Harry Potter again. , awesome story la. sigh.. Ok ok gotttaaaa go!

P.S. Community the series is worth the watch! go download! :D

Byebye loves!

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