Sunday, 8 February 2009

"Buy Malaysian" campaign...????

Did you know that Abdullah Badawi launched the "Buy Malaysian" campaign on January 16th? I didn't. Maybe it's because I have switched off to everything that our prime minister says or does these days. But he did la. Buy Malaysian only because it saves you money. It is good for the economy and helps Malaysia weather the current global financial crisis. In other words it is our patriotic duty la. Okay. So, the questions for members of the Malaysian cabinet and other Barisan Nasional leaders are:-

What car do you drive to work in? Proton? Mercedes-Benz?
What suits do you wear to official functions? Italian? Saville Row? Chong's Tailoring Shop?
Where do your children attend school and university? Cheras? Chelsea? Kedah? Melbourne?
Where do you holiday? Genting? Pedas Hot Springs? London? Paris?

mention the expensive watches they wear. One Patek Phillip is worth more than ten tons of local bananas/pineapples. LOL
You flers come out and tell us la that you've changed your lifestyle and are totally committed to the Buy Malaysian Campaign and I will even throw out my Japanesene Brand rice cooker and buy a periuk nasi tempatan. But otherwise, just shut the F*CK up!!!!

Buy Malaysian products?
The rich will go elsewhere
Leaving you and me and the rest
Patronizing the local joints

The leaders only say
Then they do the opposite
Oversea vacations
Sending children to foreign universities
We have so many vacation spots
Colleges and universities to train our people
Saving outflow of funds
Helping the country’s economy

Only the poor and not so poor people
They will buy products and education
Made in Malaysia loud and clear
Even without the financial crisis
They are buying products locally

The sleeping beauty just woke up
Giving his advice walked away
He didn’t say no overseas travels
Everybody must go local

Sad isn’t it?
When the country faces the economic crisis
The PM came out buy local products
Other times nothing free for all
He should instruct Naheeb to increase FD interest rate
It shouldn’t be reduced less consumers spending
How to buy local products?
When disposal income too gone

Niamah he and his gangs have the billions
We have our hands and minds to scout our living
We don’t go anywhere; we are patriotic
Staying put eating local products

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  1. make the political party
    stop their talks..lik "empty tins" Tin Kosong saja only....