Friday, 27 February 2009

Keling! Keling! Keling! Are you Happy now?

Recently, incidents of school teacher’s physically and verbally abusing students of Indian origin have been on the rise in Malaysia, and in some instances, teachers even called the Indian students by derogatory names. The latest case is in SMK Darul Ehsan, where a schools teacher called an Indian student 'anjing' (dog) and 'keling’. In many other cases, Indian students were verbally abused, slapped, kicked, punched and caned by the teachers without proper justification made.

I dont't know whether my Malay friends are satisfied when they are calling me as 'keling'. Why are they behaving so cheaply? I don’t surprise on the word ‘keling’, even until now my course mates (future teachers) are calling me as keeling as well. No wonder in school they are practicing the same words again and again. When I was small, my Malay and Chinese friends used to call my ‘keling’; in fact, they learnt the word from their parents and teachers.


Keling is widely used in a derogatory manner by Malaysian. The words like, ‘keling anjing’, ‘keling pariah’, ‘keling hitam’, 'black monkeys', 'Negroes' and 'keling pariah' are hurting a lot, but some of Malay friends still using to to insult Malaysian Indians. Did Malaysian Indians used term of such words to refer Chinese or Malays? We call you ‘chinan’ and ‘malaykaran’ (Tamil), which means Chinese and Malay people in English. Why you can't call us as Indian? In more appropriate way, we must not practice such words to divide us, please start refer us as Malaysian. We are one, we already shared one place to live since generations. So, Why this kind of intimidation towards Malaysian Indian? WHY ARE YOU SO RACIST?

Malaysian Indian parents are lodging a lot of reports against those teachers who physically or verbally abusing students, but no proper action taken by education ministry. Education Ministry’s silent in this issues make me think that they are encouraging such abuses. Let me tell you frankly, we are seriously going backward in building Bangsa Malaysia.

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