Sunday, 1 February 2009

People of Kuala Terengganu Sent another Clear Message to Barisan Nasional

People of Kuala Terengganu Sent another Clear Message to Barisan Nasional

Rakyat have spoken third time in a row, after March 8 General Election and Permatang Pauh by election and this time in Kuala Terengganu. Malaysians want change. BN itself need to reform if they desire to regain popularity among Malaysian. There are no rooms for race-based politics in Malaysia.

Even money, machinery and incumbency could not trump the call for change. BN will lose, and will in the end lose everything, until it responds fully and sincerely to the peoples demand and rejects racial policies. BN’s leadership remains in denial. Loyal members of BN feel they are on a sinking ship. They can sense that no future for BN in Malaysia anymore if they not going to reform.

Barisan Nasional lost 2/3 majority in parliament and 5 states to Pakatan Rakyat in General Election. Pak Lah promised to restructure the party and bring change to Malaysian immediately. But Permatang Pauh by election punished current administration again for the empty promises. Multiracial Permatang Pauh voters sent clear message to BN showing Malaysian regardless of race and religion pushed the racial politics and policies away and welcomed equal and balance future for coming generation.


The Malay majority Kuala Terengganu voters denied BN’s claim that the largest part Malays voters still supporting UMNO. What’s next to make BN realise? Kuala Terengganu gave them answers. BN must bring changes to the people immediately before people of Malaysia work together to change them in next General Election.

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