Sunday, 15 February 2009

Taboo for Malaysian Indians

Humans tend to do many things including things that we can’t even imagine of. We talk, laugh, cry, kiss and so and so. But when the ‘culture’ of one human being came into the picture, there would be some rules that one should be and shouldn’t be, and that is what this article is going to be about.

We, the Malaysian Indians, have our own set of ‘rules’ as well. These rules are invisible as they were set by no one, but automatically it would be perceived as “Shouldn’t’s of Malaysian Indians” and surprisingly until now, it is still being followed by many. Now, let me list down three (3) things that I believe, would be considered as ‘taboo’ for Malaysian Indians. For those kiddies, ‘taboo’ means some sort of a prohibition or a restriction. Please don’t take that word seriously as the things that I am going to list down will be things that will usually be observed by some nerd kiddies, kelevis, mamees, mamas and not forgetting our very own religious freaks and the condemnation that will be poured out by them.

1) Holding hands in public
It is common for couples to hold hands in public. Many would regard it as a sign of ‘love’ and/or ‘protection’, be it for couples or for a family. But still, many kiddie Indian couples would be shy to hold each other hands in public due to the public stare that they would be getting, the same stare that you will be getting when you encounter an Indian in a very-less-Indian population area. Note: The ‘public’ in previous sentence refers to the Malaysian Indian community. Even in colleges or schools, we could see chinese couples holding each other hands without even thinking on what the other people ‘might say’ but some of our kiddie couples would never fail to imagine all sort of things before deciding to hold their partner’s hand, including of ‘What if others see?”, “What would they be thinking” and etc. Why is that so?

GF: Why you don’t wanna hold my hand?
BF: Look at that Indian family, they are staring at us…
GF: So what? What do you care if they stare??
BF: No da, they will see one kind…
GF: &*@^@#@@^*#

2) Kissing in public
1 in every 10000 individual would at least dare to kiss their partner in their cheek, lets say in an Indian-crowded mall. Talking about kissing on the cheek, how about kissing on the lips? Why is it that when a girl kisses her boyfriend’s cheek, there would be a group of other Indians staring at them, gossiping about them and labeling them as ’showing off’ or in layman’s term (Tamil), arpattam? If one is to kiss his/her partner on the lips, what do you think will be the reaction of the surrounding typical Indians? The answer: WTF! OMFG!

3) Indian girls wearing short pants and short skirts in public
“This is not our culture!”. That would be the most famous answer given by some individuals when asked to comment on Indian girls wearing short skirts and short pants in public. Should Indian girls keep on adhering to this ‘rule’, that wearing short skirts and short pants in public are considered to be ‘taboo’? There would even be a possibility that when a normal hot-Brahmin-religious-girl wears a top and a short skirt, there would be a ’slutty impression’ on this girl and she would definitely be in the waiting list of some pervert Indian predators.

Mom: Don’t wear like that, you look too sexy and all the boys will stare at you.
Girl: Ama Mommy, puhhhleaseee lar!
Mom: You better listen to me…
Girl: Yea right!

Any other things that I may have missed?

*All the above only applies to those concerned. And yes, I am aware that not all the said individuals will be doing as what have been said above.

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