Sunday, 15 February 2009

5 things Aattam 100 Vagai should realize Written by Kalai on Monday, February 16th 2009

This issue is solely based on my opinions and how I feel about it. So the motive is to share some tips that Aattam 100 vagai team should take into count. Every piece of opinion should be at least taken into count, if they were to do a postmortem or so. That’s my job here on this blog. To share some ideas right? Yet, lets move on why aattam 100 vagai is a disgrace to the Indian community if it is to continue as it is today.

1. Why is the show portraying Indians in a very dodgy manner ? What’s with the slangs and reggae culture? Can’t that be prevented. Modernization is what we need, but what’s portrayed here are not what modernization actually suppose to be. It feels rather dodgy. It may lead people into a wrong culture guys. Keep classy. That’s what we need.

2. Costumes - Why are you making the participants look like clowns? Can’t the team arrange some sort of guidelines to show some sort of classiness? What’s with the striking colours. Do you provide such colour codes? Simple, have a look on recent movies and check out the costumes used by the troops. They look way much better than what you are allowing the participants to wear. Common, this is show telecast we are talking about here! Why can’t we be showing an uplift on our image?

3. Professionalism - Show scripts, host outfits, planning, protocols, gosh the list goes on… The only thing rocks here are the sets.

4. In terms of participant props and so on, what’s with all this extra unnecessary stuff here? Its a dance show for god’s shake. We are budding future celebrity dancers here. Don’t mistake me, we really need to take this into count as the uplift of the participants personal images is way much more important then anything else.

5. There should be some training center for this guys who participate. Before they go for the audition sessions to be chosen, they should be fit to dance. Mind me, I do not intend to look down upon anyone. Dancing is seriously a tough thing to do and its not meant for everyone. Im not perfect. No one is. But, why can’t professionalism be shown on sets. It looks more like the participants are dancing for the fun of it and not for real showmanship. A reminder to people who join such events. It’s not about the fame. Fame does not take you anywhere. It’s all about the quality of the end product you provide. That would keep you running for ever.

Cheer’s People.

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