Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Crap of The Crappiness!

The Crap of The Crappiness!
Author: K A l A i

•Monday, January 29, 2009
I have been having this feeling. I feel nice of being alone. I wonder why. Crowds has never been a favourite for me. Still, I will go and enjoy myself. No doubt with it. as long as you have thanni and girls for me to cuci mata. But, deep inside me loneliness is what I expect. There is greater amount of happiness and peacefulness just by staying by myself. Of course with the computer and a good broadband minus Streamyx!

I am having this long holiday for CNY and a lot of plans were planned. It is still being planned. Seriously, I don't really wish to go out and do anything other than surfing net and watching movies at home. Still, I managed to do something important today. So important that I had to go Jusco early morning at 10 a.m. to grab a pair of nice jeans. Not that I lack jeans but a decent one is nowhere to be seen. It's either too fancy or koyak sini koyak sana.

So, off I went to the location with a bag full of chocolates. Had a brief conversation and lunch. Stayed a while and cabut. Guess I did make some kinda good impression. The feedback is still on the way to reach my hp. Came back and slept another round. Sleep has been a very very good companion to me these days as I am sure to lose them after CNY.

I just wish I could back to university life. I used to sleep alot and nobody cared. Now, ppl care when I sleep too long. Or is it just disturbances?? Sigh..Feel sleepy again!

p/s: I am lazy to use all good nice english cos that's not the Malaysian Way. We have our own ingredients to add to the Pure English. Cos I like rojak....owh..rojak means a kind of local delicacies or means mixture in which the latter is being implied here.

Malaysian Slangs used above to prevent you from disconnecting from this article which is crap anyway:

1)koyak sini koyak sana - rugged
2)Cuci mata - drooling
3)Thanni - booze
4) cabut- excusing oneself

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