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The Facts of Life, Now That Hindraf is Illegal

So the government has called Hindraf illegal.
So What?

Q: Are we now suppose to stop wearing orange or saffron?
A: Nope. Colors can't be banned or called illegal. Especially since orange/saffron is the trademark color for most Indians who are Hindus.

Q: Indians not suppose to gather in groups?
A: Impossible! Malaysia will get kicked out from UN...

Q: How about saying out loud the words "Makkal Sakthi"?
A: Why not. It is part of the Tamil vocabulary. Can't ban language now, can you?

Q: Can we still call for the liberation of equal rights?
A: Biasa ler...UMNO and Utusan will call you anti-Islam, anti-Melayu, anti-Malaysia. Syed Albar will shout "ISA!". No change there.

Q: How about ceramah for Indians wearing orange?
A: Ask DAP and PKR leaders to do it in PR states laaaaa....

Q: Are we to keep quiet when places of worship are demolished?
A: Human barricade. FRU. Arrests. Samy will beg to PM to stop temples from being demolished. Temples will still get demolished. Nope, no change.

Q: How about demonstration wearing orange, shouting "Makkal Sakthi"?
A: FRU. ISA. Arrests. Water canons. *Yawn*. Business as usual.

Q: Hmm...what about those Hindraf leaders?
A: Eh, come again? Where have you been? Already in ISA maaaa.....

Q: So, what is new?
A: You tell me.

Posted by Kalaiselvan at 11:11
Wednesday, 8 january 2009
After sodomy, and lethargy, I think whining and fantasizing is Malaysia's third and fourth afflictions, at least the afflictions of the government.

Since Hindraf showed up at the Hari Raya open house, there has been non-stop badgering by the PM, the Home Minister, Utusan Malaysia, and even from BN's lap cat, MIC. All because Hindraf supporters wore orange shirts, lined up in one row peacefully, smiled and called for ISA detainees to be released, and wanted to give the PM a Hari Raya card and a teddy...which the police tore up by the way.

Heck, Badawi should be kneeling in gratitute at anyone who is wishing him well nowadays. Instead of whining about not being showered with "Selamat Hari Raya" wishes (he would have had his Selamat Hari Raya wishes if the police had not torn up the card meant for him!). Syed Botak Albar and that MIC guy, Subramaniam are two more foolish SOBs showing their lack of gray matter. Hallo, saaaaar....if you don't like democracy being practised in this country, resign are part of a government for a democratic country. If you tak suka, you KELUAR MALAYSIA!

And now, the latest pearls of shit from another arse from the Home Ministry.

Abdul Aziz cited the incident at the cabinet's open house and alleged that "Hindraf's insolence could not be tolerated as it had angered many, especially Muslims who felt it had marred the spirit of the Hari Raya (Id)," a local daily said.

WTF? Halo Abdul Aziz. You may have felt insulted, because you could not stuff your face full of satay peacefully in a corner, during the open house, but don't try to make it into an issue of Hinduism vs Islam, you peace of lizard crap! And what is this about banning Hindraf?

Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, a senior official in the Home Ministry, said as Hindraf was not a registered organisation, the ministry's legal unit would look at the technicality of disbanding the group, a media report said today.

Didn't his boss just made a statement that Hindraf DOES NOT EXIST?

“....and there is no such thing as Hindraf as it is an unlawful society. It is not registered,” he (Syed Hamid Albar) said.

But then, his boss, that Albar feller has a tendency to fantasize a little too much...

He said the group’s actions at the recent Hari Raya open house at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur could easily have become a danger to public order if the situation had erupted or if one of the members had been carrying something dangerous.

The very fact that so far, only the police and the government has acted like thugs against Hindraf (water canon, chemicals, rough and rude treatments, ISA, jail, arbitary arrests, etc) seems to proof Albar's and Aziz's statements are void of even a single atom of truth.

Anyway, if Hindraf was a registered body, only then you could ban them, moron. But Hindraf is NOT a society. It is a set of principles. It is ubiquitous. Their principles and beliefs are distributed across the community pervasively. Most Indians, hell, most individuals from the minority and even from the majority races could perhaps find resonance in at least one of the issues they are highlighting. So how exactly are you genie-asses going to figure out a way to "ban" Hindraf? Ban blogs like mine who advocate for some of their issues? Ban groups of Indians from gathering together? Detain all Indians wearing orange or saffron? Don't you realize that saffron is the color for Hindus? Just visit Batu Caves during Thaipusam and you will be flooded with saffron shirts, robes, sarees, veshtis. So whatcha gonna do? Run for cover, or come out with your infamous water canons again?

Sometimes I wonder how our gomen officials can withstand their headaches...coz surely their heads must hurt like hell when they could hear the echoes of their own words ringing like the bells of Notre Dame in their empty skull! Allow me to raise the decibles further: Bodoh! Bodoh! BODOH!!

The Facts of Life, Now That Hindraf is Illegal

Do these people look like fearsome enemy of the state?
Or simply citizens excersing their democratic rights?
(picture by

How about this? Does this look like a democratic country to you?
Locking up the rakyat in their temple, and
shooting chemical water into the compound?
Make up your mind on WHO is the REAL THREAT.
(Picture by

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