Sunday, 8 February 2009

What a shame!


Zulhasnan: Just give me RM7 billion. I will solve KL's public transportation problems. Trusssssssst me.

Like many Malaysians I was taking advantage of the last few days before school re-opens to spend time with the kids. And yesterday we decided that we would go to the park nearest our home, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. I've been there quite a few times but of course Adam and Laura were much more familiar with the place.They took me around and I was very pleasantly surprised at what the park had to offer even the casual visitor. First of all, it is deceptively big. And it had more facilities for visitors than any park that I have been to in Singapore! Playgrounds. Dedicated racing circuit for remote-control drivers who in turn provide thrills and spills to entertain the crowds. Beautiful fountains, crystal clear lakes, food and beverage outlets, horse-carriage rides, jogging tracks, cycling tracks and even a traffic games circuit with working traffic lights! Good, right?

The day I was there with my family it started to rain very heavily and we sought and found shelter in a rather unusually designed building which I later discovered was a covered area for Main Gasing, the Malaysian game 0f top spinning. It had a caged rink of red earth and arena-type seating. Wonderful. BUT when I began looking closer it was really quite SAD. Remember it was raining very heavily...

The roof of the Gellengang Gasing leaked. Which is an understatement really. The roof is in a horrible state of disrepair with water pouring in and onto to floor of the entrance and seating area.......

But never mind la. Surely if we walked around the arena we'd be able to find some seats which were dry for us to wait out the storm. We walked around and came across this spread across the walkway. It's a pile of...


It's a big steaming pile of..........HORSE SHIT!!!

Actually there were 3. But I think you've seen enough.

Anyway, after about an hour the rain lightened into a sprinkle and the kids thought they'd go have fun on the wet playground and discovered....

.......bad drainage had turned the walkway surrounding the playground into a 2-inch deep moat!

Take a look at these 2 photographs and wonder why..........

Clogged drains and water-logged fields

..................Malaysia is experiencing its worse ever dengue outbreak!

Despite all that, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa is a beautiful park. I am sure it was built at multi-million Ringgit expense. Rakyat/taxpayers money. It's just that after the YAB's and the YB's came to make the speeches and cut the ribbons nobody was really quite interested in maintaining it. After all, the YAB's and YB's won't be coming back what.

But it is a piece of public property. Built at the public's expense. And somebody should be made to take responsibility for the sad state of affairs. I strongly urge every Malaysian residing in Kuala Lumpur to visit and use the park. Look at what your money was spent on. See the possibilities that this park has for you and your children and their children to enjoy. Get mad. Get angry that DBKL is doing horse-shit about taking care of YOUR investment. Make your anger heard. Make your anger felt. Make them pay.

And finally, think about this. If the Federal Territories Minister and the Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur can't even manage a public park do you honestly think they can manage that RM7billion of YOUR money that they have just been given to "fix" Kuala Lumpur's public transport problems?
That's not all. That Federal Territories fler,

Zulhasnan has also threatened to "turn" KL, Putrajaya and Labuan into World Cities. I am sure he doesn't even have a clue what that means. So while you tighten your belts and change lifestyles and buy Malaysian, the fler will be spending more of your hard-earned Ringgits on...........HORSE SHIT!

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