Sunday, 1 February 2009



I refer to Devamany's statement: "Don't turn Kugan's death into a racial issue" in malaysiakini. I hope SK Devamany look at the statistics once again before release such statement. SK Devamany made a irrelevant statement, he should refer and read Malaysian Indian Minorioty and Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2008.

SK Devamany is trying to cover up Kugan's issue, he is indirectly denying that MIC is not responsible for Kugan's death and previously reported 80 cases as well. As a leader he is incapable to solve Malaysian Indian's issue just like other MIC leaders. Pakatan's Indian MPs striving very hard to help Kugan to get justice, but he is good for nothing and only able to blame others. In this case I'm not intend to support any party politics but I would like to praise Pakatan leaders for their sincerity in upholding Malaysians rights and justice.

After more than half century of Independent, Malaysians are tired and frustrated with such politician. We Malaysian don't care whether its a racial issue or non-racial issue, the question is how you going to solve the conflict? I would like to state again that there are 90% of the deaths in police and prison custody victims are Indians although their population not more than 10 %. What else need to prove you that its a racial issue?

Try to contribute at least something to your representing race, don't only know to blame others. If you are claiming that some people are politicizing Kugan's issue. Then why you let it? Whose mistake is that? If it's not a racial issue, then why the highest number of death in custody are Malaysian Indian?

Dear MIC leaders, If UMNO received enough pressure from you, the continues marginalization and intimidation on Malaysian Indian would not happened. They are not respecting Malaysian Indian at all, but you are still supporting them, you are loyal to them in whatever condition. Look at your Chinese partner from MCA and Gerakan, there are much more respectable than you because UMNO received enough pressure from them, thats why Chinese are less tortured and well protected in Malaysia. You are responsible for all brutalities that UMNO have done on Malaysian Indian!

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