Sunday, 1 February 2009

Happy CNY!

Happy CNY!
Author: K A L a I•
Sunday, January 25, 2009
The Ox is here. So is the ox-picious new year!

Wishing all the chinese people a very very good and prosperous chinese new year! Stay lucky and healthy always.

I am having a whopping ONE week off in conjunction of CNY. Plans are still being made but most probably KL might be the destination. Else, it is my bed!

It has been a tiring weeks. Not really because of the work only. But, in fact managed to meet up a lot of friends whom contacts were lost.

The amount of lost friends were found is greater than new contacts being received. It is great to relive all those old memories back at school times.

Despite the world economy and the uncertainties for many after the CNY, we still should stay strong and move towards the betterment of the future. Our destiny is in our hands.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays!

p/s: Anyone has spare angpow, don't forget me. Not the packets only but with cash in it though;p

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